Wednesday, May 23, 2018

te aii

My new companion is Elder W.  from Orem, Utah (born in Provo and raised in Orem). He is a really hard worker, like more than me.  We will be in a trio in 10 days with an Elder coming in from an outer island. Other than that we have been doing a ton of tracting with very little fruit of the labor, but at least we are getting the message out there.

We also cleaned the house today pretty thoroughly, so we should be having a good week in a nice clean house. 


Look what ended up on a doorknob..a coconut crab; looked like a giant spider. Way creepy
te aii

No baptisms, and the closest possible time will probably be the end of June.... Slowly but surely though we can build up the work and the branch here in Tenmwaiku.
Tiabo ngkami

Elder Farner

Thursday, May 17, 2018


We got a new branch presidency!  Awesome.  We also should have baptism this Saturday so that is cool.  Her name is Tiimou and she is 15.  She has a lot of support as she is a part-member family.  She currently lives at her brother’s house who is less-active, but her sister is an RM and her brother-in-law just got called to be the new branch president, and she has another sister on a mission right now so she has good support.  Plus she has friends outside of her family who are members as well that live close to her house.  So that should be good.

Another sunset at the bottom of the page, this picture was taken right next to our house.

Get to skype the family this week!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

April 29, 2018

Hey Everyone,

This last week was a tough one!  But I am still alive and things are bound to get better.  On a positive note, we just go new copies of the Book of Mormon translated in Kiribati that now have a guide to the scriptures!  Way awesome, should help with the mission.

We have a person who’s should be ready for baptism May 12th, so we will see how things go.  Her name is Tiimou and she is a sister of members, one of which served a mission, and another who is currently serving one and is almost done.  The only problem I foresee is that her father lives on an outer island that is one of the furthest south of the main island, and so getting parental permission might be interesting...please pray for her.

Pictured below is Kanabure and his son, Tokantetaake. Kanabure is the man who got baptized with his wife on March 10th and he just turned 31 last week.  They are an awesome family.

Tekeraoi ngkami
Tiabo ke!

April 22, 2018

We have had an interesting week. Two elders that were in our house left to return home as their time here has finished.  They left Friday.

On Sunday we were biking past a man’s house and he was laying in a hammock and his kid ‘attacked’ Elder Hanks with a stick.  We passed and kept going and I thought we should talk to him but we kept going and I told Elder Hanks.  He then told me we should go back (listen to the first impression).  We went back and he hopped up and invited us into his house.  We didn’t even say anything really about going into his house, he invited us of his own accord.  Way cool. Nice experience.

Elder Farner

Friday, April 20, 2018

e na bwakara

Mauri Ngkami,
This last week we had another baptism! This kid is awesome. 17 years old. His parents were baptized last year but he was on an outer island when his parents got baptized. He got baptized in the ocean because our font won't fill up, the pump is broken. It still went, so that was good.
Just started reading Jesus the Christ again. I will let you know some things I learn from that.

New phrase for you all: "e na bwakara" ;  it means, "it is all we have, but it is enough" or something like that.

Below is pictured one of the greatest knockoffs in the history of knockoffs: Sharpie now becomes "Skerple"

Elder Farner

P.S. Thanks for the package!

Monday, April 9, 2018

My thoughts on conference:

One of the messages I got was the blessings that come many years afterwards. I liked President Nelson's talk about Brother Cox and how years later there was the blessing of choosing him to be stake patriarch. Then there was the story from I think Renlund's talk about the heart transplant patient who later helped do the temple work for the person who died.

Another message was the importance of the Spirit. Good messages. Very important.

I think the combining of the Elders and High Priests is cool. It’ll be fun to do that later in life after the mission.

We should have a baptism this week. T. is the son of recent converts who is 17. He has a testimony that the church is true and he is a little quiet but he is a little more open than he used to be. Awesome

Miss you all.


Elder Farner

Monday, April 2, 2018

Mauri Ngkami

How was your Gen conference experience? Pretty awesome announcements. I haven't seen it yet, but I might see it this weekend with our branch.
That couple that got baptized now have callings and the husband is a priesthood holder now!

We have a teenager named Tebaakaro who can get baptized this coming weekend if he passes his interview!

I haven't been transferred as far as I know, so we will see on Wednesday if there is anything new or exciting happening in my area.
Have a great week everyone!

I tangiringkami!
Elder Farner